Travels of the SS Holmes

Photograph of a weathered bench on a dreary day

“Absolutely breathtaking,” she whispered, turning to the rest of the hushed crew. “I can’t believe we are actually seeing this with our own eyes…”

This moment stuck with all of them, almost like a spiritual group circle, everyone in understanding. For the moment, things were as quiet as a church, save the occasional beep of a monitor or computer. Ethereal, thick, emotional, this moment was theirs to witness. Directly ahead of them lay their homeworld.

Curiosity had gripped some of them, what had really drove their ancestors from their home generations ago. Now they had come back to answer the question with science. Before them lay their answers, perhaps. Awe was still rocking them currently, as they sailed past the pock-marked moon.

Prince Edward Island
A quiet, rainy day. PEI, Canada

Senior Pilot Lee shook his head, the remains of metallic debris glinting off the moon at him as they passed. “This is going to be a nightmare to navigate.”

“No kidding. This certainly lends a lot of credence to the debris field theory.” Captain Curie agreed, drumming her fingers against the console. “Best we stay out of the field for now until we can study it. At least we can take the time to determine if it’s safe to pass.”

Using the moon as cover, the crew aboard the SS Holmes took to monitoring the seeming maelstrom of defunct satellites, primitive space technology, and scrap swirling the orbit below. From here, it was almost impossible to see through the cloud of metal. Occasionally, a patch would clear and they would peer through, hoping for any glimpse of what to expect when they got down there.

Of course, reality – not speculation – awaited them on the surface.

Write the adventure through the debris field, or perhaps what the crew finds when they land. The sky falls short of the limit here. Wishing everyone a great day and plenty of inspiration. Coming up soon, a discussion about where we are currently on space debris.


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