Tides of Life

A sea bird flying near a Summerside boardwalk

How long had it been since his fingers grazed the surface? Something within dared not to reach out. What if his fingertips no longer felt the soft air dancing upon them? What if this was now impossible? Breathing under the tides of life was not the issue, though it was colder, harder…

Far more lonely, certainly. Waves obscured the man’s frown viewed from above, reflecting a haunting figure, were one to inspect below. Most above had obligations, time constraints; odd the water ran slower than they. Perhaps that was why he remained here. Others surely did not want to be reminded of what it was like sinking beneath these tides of life.

Ah, the solace of the seas.

Eventually, a familiar person walked by above, and he was gripped with an overriding urge to test the theory that his fingers could again touch the surface. Before he could overthink, his muscles reached up, and his eyes widened.

Of course, he immediately regretted this action for just a moment as his whole hand breached the surface of the waters this time. Awkwardly reaching out into the surface, feeling a finger twitch…he nervously laughed and waved to his friend. The friend waved back and came over to reach for his hand.

The sunlight and air were welcomed sensations, but the warmth of human connection – it had been far too long since he felt this.

Thank you for reading, our writing prompt for the day is to write an awkward situation. Comical, deep, whatever you like. Explore a resolution for the situation that is occurring. Enjoy your reading and writing, everybody!

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