The Crossing

A wooden bridge and some grass in the forefround.

“The next bus will be by shortly, miss – about 5 minutes!” called the bus driver, waving as the clattering doors shrieked shut. Hyun Jae took a deep breath, planning to spend the next few minutes enjoying the brief outdoors between buses. She had made it the longest leg. The crossing lay ahead.

Out to see the nearby landmark, the University student patiently waited, while thinking of sharing the adventure with her friends on Monday. The sound of a quad passing by her on the main road caused her to glance at her phone. Two minutes remained as Hyun Jae daydreamed of all the things she might do and see around the great bridge.

Enjoy some wind and waves to ease the topic matter.

Hot sun poured down, comfortable at first. She realized eventually that the bus must be on the late side, if she’s been out long enough to need the hat already. Ten minutes overdue. Perhaps they were running late? After all, this was a new experience for her, travelling this bus route. With only thirty minutes left to the crossing, an eleven minute delay did seem substantial to her.

As Hyun Jae picked up her phone to ensure she had not been missed on the driver’s manifest – which indeed, she had – snapping of twigs and movement from behind her froze her blood…

“Miss, could you please explain what happened, in your own words?”
“He was running at my tactical flashlight. So I turned it on.” Her slight shoulders shrugged from within her Biathlon team jersey.

Your turn, Readers – write an ending of your choosing to Hyun Jae’s story, or write about a fearful situation. Just a little real world horror, as this is how we wound up with pictures of Summerside instead of the bridge. Public transit can be interesting, or dangerous.

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