Tabula Rasa

Photograph of a long abandoned dock, only jagged wooden foundations remaining, reaching out into the waves of the ocean and distant shores, on a cloudless summer day

Learning and growing is a hard task. It is also a forward motion. Sometimes, one finds the paper full of ideas that lost their way. We hold on strongly to that which fades; we grasp at that which is impermanent. Do not fret – it was but a rough draft!

Turn the page. Start anew. Create what you want to see in the world, and be unafraid to make mistakes. Failing can be part of success, and it is as much a part of the tidal cycle of all things as being swept away on winds. Let creativity stir your soul, and carry it.

Atlantic coast of Canada with old dock foundations
Nature meets man, nature wins. Abandoned dock foundations, PEI, Canada

Wings give us new perspectives, experiences, reach, responsibility, and risk. Do you feel it? Pause. Write down what it is that you feel. Focus on it, as though writing it from a distance, from afar. How the reader trusts the fragile pages of their novel to return them from flight to solid ground.

Just so must the wordsmith trust the craftsmanship of their art to elevate them, and return them safely. What did we feel through our writing? Was it confident? What can I do to improve it? Are the resources available, or is it a drain?

Do you need to turn the page?

Are you ready to grow and adapt in this sometimes apocalyptic maelstrom we call life?

Thank you so much to all the readers here to experience this new update with me, and I do hope the subscribers find this scenic route preferable. Rest assured, this is not an ending by any means. Stay tuned, if the mood so strikes you.

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