Cattails and bits of wheat and tall weeds near a pond shore

A deceptively blue sky lit up what was obviously no one’s imagination. Shaken, the girls and their mother looked out at the dark clouds off on the horizon. Behind them, the sound of the back balcony collapsing further to the ground lead Erika to shoo the already moving girls further away from the wind shaken form of their home.

From amongst the fallen tree line shambled a porcupine, distressed and looking for prior landmarks that seemed to be in many different piles all of a sudden. Same, thought the girls to themselves. Erika could see the power poles leaning precariously down the access road and she sighed.

Sometimes we need to bend instead of breaking.

The three gawked a while, surveying the damages. While the lake had not seemed to have taken much more than some debris, they all stared at the laundry posts, bearing straw from a decimated hay bale driven through it haphazardly – each seeming as straight and sharp as the quills they’d seen earlier. Yet they were all okay.

“Mom, do we still have school tomorrow?” Asked Jackie suddenly.
“You know what, I have a better idea-” Erika paused to hug the two girls tightly to her.

Your prompt, if you choose to write it is to give the three girls a fun day away to process the loss of their house. Give the nice little fictional family a happy ending. We all need a few more of those. Well wishes to you and yours ~

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