Finding Oneself

Photograph of fog along the ocean coast
Rocky Point, PE
Finding solitude to write can help, too. -Rocky Point, PE.

From experience, beliefs shift, mature, and grow over time to encompass one’s own lived experience in general, save being pagan. One of the most amusing is hearing what people found to resonate with them; the paths that call to them are often reflective of a quality within. Certainly the dedications written in path journals over time have shifted.

Have you reviewed your beliefs lately? Re-affirmed what has worked, and re-adjusted what has not? Pen to paper, if you wish – or keyboard at the ready. Of course, there are vast oceans of beliefs out there, even if one is not pagan or otherwise spiritually oriented. Write out some of your core beliefs, a self-accounting.

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Photograph of a large cathedral stretching into the cloudless sky, while a statue of two men in a lively conversation is silhouetted in the foreground.
I mean, we could argue belief and opinion, but we’d be here as long as these statues.

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