Photograph of a long abandoned dock, only jagged wooden foundations remaining, reaching out into the waves of the ocean and distant shores, on a cloudless summer day

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TJ RUNE | (BA with distinction in Sociology, University of Alberta) is the creator behind Welcome Apocalypse Blogs. Experienced with an array of interests from German language, biology, genetics, and philosophy, TJ is currently taking freelance writing and translation projects. Over two decades of experience in fiction, non-fiction, essay, dark humor, and creative writing.

My personal goal as a writer is to document things as I see them – to be a bard within the modern world. Curiosity, adaptability, accountability and determination are my guides. Along the way I have developed certain skills; I have found you, and I will write for you~

TJ Rune | Freelance Writer | 2022


  • Atlantic coast of Canada with old dock foundations
  • Souris, PE
  • A wild pokemon? Charlottetown, PE
  • Souris, PE
  • Victoria Park, Charlottetown
  • Charlottetown Harbour
  • Charlottetown, PE
  • Souris, PE
  • Victoria PE Relic
  • Bee, Charlottetown, PE
  • Charlottetown boardwalk, PE
  • Souris, PE
  • Charlottetown boardwalk, PE
  • Duck family, Charlottetown, PE
  • Souris, PE
  • Souris, PE

Photography and art have always fascinated me, aesthetically and theoretically. The ways we document our humanity and our lives has changed drastically over time. In the future, I would love to be able to sell some of the prints and look into better cameras. The future holds many things.

TJ Rune | Creator | Welcome Apocalypse Blogs

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