Dusk in Charlottetown, string lights and a sunset

Crickets chirped from the grasses as the occultist settled down to watch the night sky. A dark blanket and meditation pillow would make a fine seat to watch the full moon and the following meteor showers. Tonight, as it would so happen, the Perseids would light up the sky. She figured it would make a great meditation background.

A branch snapped nearby as she lit a small lantern. Just up at path head a figure stopped dead and looked toward the light. He would continue down to the crossroad. She watched cautiously in case needing to react to this intrusion. Once he was just within enough of the glowing light, the two sized each other up.

He would nod and wave to her, both recognizing they were here for similar reasons. This was exclusively about the Perseids. Then he began further down the path away. She did not know him beyond the runes stitched into his cloak. As he created a space to lay out on the rocks, he figured the goth girl up the way was probably no bother at all.

The occultist with the pentagram tattoo blew out the lantern, and both watched as the stars began to put on a show.

Dusk is coming, showtime is upon us.

Aw man, I missed the full moon. However, we have the Perseids happening the next two nights. Meteor showers are fun as well. So, now if you would like to write along, continue the tale above. Or, go watch the meteors if you can and write a story or poem about space.

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