Pagan Quills

Photograph of calm waters along the harbour.

Welcome dear Reader, come engage your metaphysical side. Best enjoyed with the understanding that all faiths are invited to explore what they believe and why; we can be affirmed, challenged, laugh, and learn along our respective paths.

Curious how to cast the circle you just stepped into?

Are you looking for new pagan related material to read?

Do you struggle to remember upcoming events or moon phases? (Currently occurring: July 13th, 2022 at 14:37 EST)

What are the experiences of pagans in our current society? Through time?

Souris, PE
What elements would you write in? (Souris, PE)

How about a writing prompt? A thought experiment?

What strategies do we use or want to know more about?

As with all things, what we write here is channeled through an extremely diverse and nuanced individuals that create them. Given that paganism is most familiar to us, come on into the circle. News, history, discussion, philosophy, and self-exploration ahead. You are invited to get out those quills and join in.

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