Magic in Modern Experience

A photo of waves crashing against a cliffside, taken from above.

What is magic, and how can it integrate with more current understandings? Today on Pagan Quills, we are embarking on a topic that all open minded pagans can engage with. Regardless of your particular skill level in any of the topics, the goal is to think about how we know what we know, and how we apply it to the world around us through our thoughts, words, and actions.

Our understanding of our world is a personal journey, a complex web of all the things we have experienced throughout our lifetime – for better or for worse. We express the culmination of all the things we have learned, built, and adapted throughout time, furthermore complicated by interactions with material reality as well as social reality.

I am but one single pagan, who has experienced the world from a very, very, minute framework – from an ultra specific standpoint. Over time, I have actively adapted to allow for more of the physical world to exist within my understanding. Being human is a challenge – it is living in the trenches*, at times. It is celebrating achievements at others. Personally, I find tragedy and beauty in this. Humanity, to me, is being vulnerable to new experience and at times, being insane or driven enough to do things thought impossible.

Magic – to me – comes down to a matter of will, priorities, goals, and communication of the aforementioned. Sorry, but I am reducing the whole structure to it’s parts for examination. Or at least, those I have seen from my perspective. This is not to say there are not certain…emergent properties…that come from magic coming together. Personally, I am relatively dualist in the philosophical sense. There is body and there is mind.

A photo of waves crashing against a cliffside, taken from above.
As the water molecules influence everything around them and work in their own rhythmic harmony, as do we ~


*thank you to an amazing friend to relaying this to me, I appreciate you for passing this advice on! Keep on keeping on, KL. We all feel entrenched at times, and require some self-care.
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