An Imagined World

A boardwalk leading through grasses to the ocean on a cloudy, rainy day. Taken Victoria PE

I heard you liked writing prompts. Better yet, I heard you liked writing prompts with quick and easy – if any – setup. Some of you have taken a tour of the Eternal Library. Click the photo to link to a more in depth intro, otherwise, here you go! You are now in charge of building your own imagined world.

Imagine the theoretical space that you collects everything you were, are, and dream to be. You are amongst the collection that is your self, memories, knowledge, and wishes. Describe this space and what is happening within it. Where are you? Is it material, immaterial? How do you access your imagined world?

Sometimes, I sit on the beach, sometimes in the library, among the lighthouse. One can never tell.

Today, we create worlds. Enjoy your writing, pens, pencils, and keyboards up. Just write, don’t think. Build as you will, may your days be peaceful ~

Thank you, kind Readers and Writers. Keep creating things, perhaps in the mere hope it might curb everything else from destruction. Like, subscribe or follow to support us! At Welcome Apocalypse Blogs, we look on the brighter side of the looming darkness. Then we write it all out. You are welcome to join in.

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