Ferry Fire

Bubbles floating above a crowd gathered for a Pride March, PEI Canada

Today, we bring you some news from the island as of late. Lord tunderin’ jaysus it is so hot that the ferry lit on fire, eh? Actually, as far as it is understood at the present moment, the ferry fire started within the engine room. Investigations are ongoing as the MV Holiday Island continues to try to sink out of shame for letting everybody down. She remains docked at Wood Islands, PEI and thankfully everyone made it out okay.

The MV Confederation will be taking over the route until someone much smarter than me figures out what happened to the Holiday Island. A number of tourists had to stick around a while, so I hope they were at least entertained by PEI. Hope everyone got their cars back alright.

Pride Prevails

Besides the heat wave and the ferry fire, we also marked Pride over the month of July. Everyone seemed to be in quite jovial spirits, but there’s always got to be that one person…doesn’t there? One who decided it would be a wonderful idea to light a pride flag on fire. At 1am. While it was attached to someone’s house. If there are things we know about in the Maritimes, it’s how rough house fires are on our already destroyed housing markets, and how quickly they can get out of control.

Bubbles floating above a crowd gathered for a Pride March, PEI Canada
Everything in that area is like 100 years old, bro. That was a dangerous and stupid act. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Pride <3

There’s literally nowhere for that family to live without scrapping tooth and nail for it around here, and this guy could have killed them. Regardless of the whole hate crime angle, this person is clearly dangerous. As further proven by the man later still putting a flaming cup down downtown. For those who might be confused, lighting anybody else’s stuff on fire is illegal. When said item attached to their home or business, definitely so.

Pets & Potatoes

Again, everyone is being warned that this is a heat wave, and many businesses will allow you to bring your pets in with you. No one should leave anybody in a car when it’s hot enough to melt the ferry. Most of the news I have access to comes from the local Guardian newspaper* but I cannot recall where I read about new technology to remind drivers of children or pets in their backseats.

PEI potatoes are under scrutiny again with another detection of potato wart. Potato wart is an irritating fungus that can lay dormant for decades, then rear it’s head to make our potatoes look so weird no one wants to purchase them. As a result, our farmers cry themselves to sleep after destroying millions of pounds of food that is actually still edible. That’s right, everyone loses here.

Hanging foliage from a wooden gazebo overlooking a boardwalk on the water.
The weather has been a little more tolerable as of late. What a nice break.

Just Island Things

Over in Summerside, a man was arrested after spraying animal repellent in another man’s face. They claim to be unknown to each other prior to this incident. Which essentially means: someone decided it would be a good idea to test bear spray or some such thing on a random stranger. This, too, is illegal.

Meanwhile over in quite Cavendish, some children got the scare of a lifetime after a man began to fire upon the drone they were recording a Tiktok on. Firing a gun at, over, above, or around a playground? You guess it, very illegal. Also for good reason. Adults do adult things, like ask them politely to film away from your property. Not discharge a weapon at children.

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