Familiar Currents

Photograph of a lighthouse at dusk.

The familiar scent of books and dust spills from the grand double doors, signaling all the curiosities of a library or repository within. As your eyes adjust to the darkness, only the soft sounds of waves or kinship establishes a fainter scent as sea breeze. What in the worlds has occurred here?

One spark against the archaic torch found only by venturing just to the outline of the doorway gives way to the sensation of falling – gracefully, perhaps. Falling, nonetheless, as though through waves, at least long enough to recognize the current and the flow.

Long enough to close your eyes just a moment. Only to find solid ground under your feet in the expansive library overlooking jagged spires of rock and glittering sunwoken sea. Books lined the shelves, spanning up several feet, seeming to frame wreckage of ships and a derelict lighthouse from above. Surreal, beautiful, breathtaking…

Inhabited. A lone wide-eyed form stares back, mistaken maybe for a cloak on a small frame upon first scan of the overwhelming scenery. “Who in tarnation?” They mutter, quizzical, calm, undemanding.

Collecting your thoughts, and sensing no ill will, you cautiously engage this emaciated and pale stranger. Within their hands, they hold something small and vibrantly colored – a shell? You explain that you were exploring an abandoned building and had found yourself here. This seemed to satisfy them.

Souris, PE
Welcome to the eternal library -Souris, PE

So it begins…

“Makes sense. Welcome between time. Forgive my manners – I am the Keeper.” The ivy creeping from the looming lighthouse and mingling among the shelves draws your eyes between them and the form. Maybe there is a chance they mean the keeper of the library.

Doubt resolves quickly. “Rare that we get the living around here. You will find this to be an eternal library, of stories past, present, and future. One can read in peace, enjoy being in so many places. Quills and ink have never posed a problem before. I have even found a wall of blank books to create, if you wish. This story is now yours, as well.”

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