A stone tunnel just through the tall weeds

A rock clattered off Jason’s boot and off into the dirt ahead. His progress was coming along well enough, given the sudden outage of his flashlight. The next rock would stop him in his tracks as it tumbled against some rock. For a moment, it had sounded as though it had fallen. Momentary panic shot through him as he questioned where he thought he was.

There had not been any climbs on the way into this particular cave. Definitely nothing high enough to have rocks bounce down a cliff face. Jason crouched and searched for another rock, throwing it ahead and listening closely. Clattering rose from below before the thud of the stone against the ground below. There was no mistaking that it had fallen. He sighed, figuring at least a 15 foot drop. Still, it could be further.

As he considered turning back and trying to find a different path, he slid his foot forward to find the edge of the drop. From below, a slight breeze could be felt. Jason fished in his pocket for what was left of his matches, striking one to get a better look at what lay below…

Come on down into the darkness and continue the story…

Welcome back Readers, time to get out your pens or keyboards and help Jason get out of the cave. Or not, wherever the story goes from here is up to you. Remember to get some water, relax, and take care of yourselves. Until next time~

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