Dune Friend (squirrel hiding behind a tree), Cavendish, PE

Footsteps light upon the old carriage path,
Rain misted upon the hurricane-felled trees;
A natural desolation livened only
By enthusiastic moss and shrubbery.
Droplets of rain,
Shaken from the foliage by blue jays,
Not but steps ahead of the decay.
What spares the few among the many here,
But just dunes of sand,
Held tenuously in place by tufts of grasses?
Distance winds and waves shout;
A cleansing roar of time.
Held aloft only by fragile duneland.

We met a friend hiding their full cheeks behind this tree, but they did not have time for a formal photograph. We did try.

Fine Print

“Why Is It Important to Protect Sand Dunes? – Profound-Answers.” Why Is It Important to Protect Sand Dunes?, Profound Answers, 28 Dec. 2020, profound-answers.com/why-is-it-important-to-protect-sand-dunes.

More sand dune preservation information to come as we compile more on our natural wind breakers.

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