Delight and sunshine fall on the fairgrounds in Charlottetown.

Shade ran through the crowd from booth to booth excitedly, at one point, all but shouting at an attendant “Welcome to Sackville!” Her mother rushed up, unsure if this man even was an attendant, however he laughed in delight and quickly began asking who wanted to win a prize.

Waving, the girl’s game began anew. Thankfully the child not so much interested in the stuffed animals so much as the energy, the lights, and the excitement of the area. Of course this included a number of rides. Shade was waiting for the glorious day that she would be eye-to-eye with that measuring line.

One day, she thought to herself, gazing on at those laughing far above her. I will get on that ride. One day, I will be just like my big brother.

Delight and sunshine over the amusement park.
Amusement park in Charlottetown

Our writing prompt for the day is to begin a story from your favorite carnival ride, or from your favorite spot, watching on. While you are here, cast a vote for your favorite ride. There can be something just surreal and filled with delight in fairs and carnivals. Stay safe out there everyone!

Delightful shot of the ferris wheel in Charlottetown with clouds in the background.
Ferris wheel in Charlottetown

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