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Brought Together


So many things can bring a pagan onto their path, originally. Our Pagan Quills focus today is looking into how people come into paganism. Maybe this means that you were brought together with paganism by happenstance. Through a friend, perhaps. Are your parents, or grandparents pagans? One of those counter-culture baby bats? Were you looking for a change? Get in bitches, we are going for a ride!

Overall, it does not matter where you start out. There exist a lot of different types of people within a lot of overlapping, intersecting, diverse views. How do we all wind up under this umbrella here? My own story was the disillusionment with Catholicism reactionary search for new exploration in what a life is and can be. This is a common one. Does it matter in terms of paganism? Not a bit.

Not my own art, however on display in the art gallery. Art, too, brings many into it’s folds.

Experientially Brought Together

Sure, we have strengths and weaknesses. Certainly, it does help to be supported by family, instead of being grounded for a belief. To take away books, insult, and belittle a kid stop a route of experience definitely creates unique challenges. Not unlike the elements, we need to work together to create greater and greater things. No one is it all, no one has to be – ebb and flow.

However one has come in, we have been brought together as a community. Much of spirituality, culture, and religion are is human invention built by all through time. One of the first things new pagans are told to get ready to start reading. Whatever your drive or reason, one finds their own, we learn, and grow together. We share ideas, think, write, create the life we wish to live.

Time to get out the quills and write about what founded your belief structure? Write a specific event, a list, a thought bubble chart, whatever that you wish. Then have a beautiful weekend and enjoy the upcoming full moon. That is right folks, your full moon warning is upon us.

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