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Being Pagan


One of my favorite things within paganism is the ease with which a person can start. My introduction was a collection of information on elemental associations, the directions, and basic rituals in a binder. My friend had printed the information from the internet. So began the collections that can be associated with pagans. What does one really need to practice paganism? What is being pagan?

Any pagan can usually name at least a few things that might be handy to their practice. Overall, it would appear you just need a heartbeat and brain activity. Even that is arguable under many pagan understandings of the soul and the self. Whatever one believes, some pagans feel a requirement of certain ritual objects and spaces more than others.

Meaning is ultimately created and shared amongst people, not in a bubble.

Being Pagan: Ritual and Understanding

My second introduction to paganism was a very comfortable stump chair underneath a large tree on school breaks. Nature itself became the focus of study – watching things as they occurred. Understanding the patterns and mindfulness of existence and how we influence one another. Repeated demonstrations of self-reflection and outward observation took place.

What does one need, at the base minimum, to start within paganism? Good news, dear Reader, you’re already 50% there! If you have read and understood to this point, you’re already in the running. Are you from or familiar with the planet Earth? Spot on! You qualify. To be in an Earth religion, you just need to experience the physical Earth and it cannot hurt to be able to understand a human language. Even these are loose guidelines.

Just get to know yourself and where you belong within your world. Focus on the goals that are important to you. Everything will come together as it will. Today’s writing prompt is to imagine visiting a planet that does not have earth, air, fire, and water, as we know them. Write how you would explain a nature religion to a space that has an entirely different nature.

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