Alternative Paths

A chalk drawing of a fox on the sidewalk tagged @lilgirlarise

“—Then ask not wherefore, here, alone,

Conversing as I may,

I sit upon this old grey stone,

And dream my time away.”

-William Wordsworth (Expostulation and Reply)

Something calls a person to do things, a sort of drive or purpose. People have a will, a want, a need. Of course, people all have alternative paths to take through life, as well as varying levels of engagement with – and control over – many of these things. Truly, we are all quite different from one another, and all quite the same. Most people seem to just want to feel fulfilled and content in their lives.

As our world changes constantly around us, we too change and adapt to it. For example, you might want someone like me to sketch ideas for a bridge, but it would be a grave mistake to have me engineer or build the thing. Talents, skills, ideas, and efforts all come together to pull off seeming miracles of science, technology, engineering.

Some local morning artwork from someone on an alternate path from our own.

Over time, we have built up our own spiritual paths, ideas, and identities as well. These shift just as we have, entire pantheons of Gods all but forgotten, rites long since abandoned or obscured through time’s passage. Perhaps we need to realize that while all our passions and drives may be different, the only real overlap is that we happen to share a physical space with one another, and we have the potential to understand one another.

My path is to sit on the rocks; the people watcher, the unseen eyes, quietly contemplating something as though far, far away. People are all curious things. Why people believe what they do is often really fascinating. So what, then, drives you? Dust off that pen or keyboard, and write along. What is your path like? Where would you like for it to go from here, dear Reader?

This alternative path is yours to write.

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