• Update Sept 2022
    Welcome back readers! Apologies for the gap here. Due to hurricane Fiona, we are still without power and wifi. Sadly, we also had to miss this week’s Saturday Stardew Slow Down over on Twitch. We look forward to things maybe returning to normal in the upcoming week. Take care out there, from Welcome Apocalypse to […]
  • Character Development
    Writing an effective character is a skill that sets a work apart. Great characters can take your writing from good to prolific. Certain readers definitely are character-driven, and only one or two of your cast really have to inspire the imagination. Especially if you are writing fiction, character development is vital. So how do you […]
  • Hope & Poetry
    Ideology Hope & Poetry An entangled, extensive frameworkbraced upon beliefs and idealsof what it means to exist;one of many answers to the unanswerable-a query of the futureheld tenuously together by hope.Hope & Poetry Write about something that you hope for. Or write about your favorite -ology. There are so many from which to choose. Of […]
  • Paganism, Power, and Control
    Ideologies can be used for person growth, or they can be weaponized. Paganism is no different, and can appeal to those looking to improve their lives, as well as those who are looking for an avenue to power. Paganism, power, and control are inextricably intertwined. Let us take a look at some of the mechanics […]
  • Fictions
    Jean awoke with a start, kicking the sheets away, already standing upright before processing any of it. Pain shot up her calf with each step as she unsteadily fumbled for the light. Stupid nightmares, she sighed heavily to herself as the light clicked on. A flurry of movement, as though a book had fallen from […]
  • Being Pagan
    One of my favorite things within paganism is the ease with which a person can start. My introduction was a collection of information on elemental associations, the directions, and basic rituals in a binder. My friend had printed the information from the internet. So began the collections that can be associated with pagans. What does […]
  • Brought Together
    So many things can bring a pagan onto their path, originally. Our Pagan Quills focus today is looking into how people come into paganism. Maybe this means that you were brought together with paganism by happenstance. Through a friend, perhaps. Are your parents, or grandparents pagans? One of those counter-culture baby bats? Were you looking […]